Don’t Worry, Be Happy Guy: The Sturdy Brothers Stop By For a Visit

By Jonathan Timar
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Sometimes you look for inspiration, and sometimes inspiration finds you. ThisĀ  morning I was sitting at the front desk of the hostel where I have been working, sipping some over-sweetened almost cold coffee and feeling a little down in the dumps.

Who Is Happy Guy?
Who Is Happy Guy?

It was the sort of general malaise that only genius possess and the insane lament. And this may seem like a little too much information, but the coffee hadn’t agreed with me so I was… …but I digress.

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling too great. A little discontent, a little anxious, and really craving Starbucks, and a little excitement. So when an Australian fellow by the name of Devin Sturdy stopped by the desk in search of some English Breakfast tea, I didn’t really expect it to change my mood for the day.

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    But Devin struck up a conversation with me, and we started chatting about travel, and various miscellany, he happened to tell me about his new writing job in Calgary. Since he was Australian I was curious about how he landed it, and when I asked, he directed me to this video on YouTube: It’s not mentioned in the video, but Devin’s new job was offered to him as a direct result of someone seeing his TV appearances. Those TV appearances came about because of a simple photograph that was thrown away by its owner because he thought it was goofy, butĀ  provided the perfect inspiration for someone else.

    It’s reminded me that there is opportunity all around us, every day, and that one must always keep their mind open and there senses alert. And if you’re ever feeling down, just think about happy guy, and remember that there is always something to be happy about. You never know what’s around the corner on this long and winding road. (Yes, The Beatles are playing right now).

    UPDATE: Unfortunately the video seems to have been removed from YouTube so I have had to remove it from this page.