The Empty Club

By Jonathan Timar
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When I got invited to a bachelor party in Vegas, about a week after booking a trip there for me and my wife, my biggest fear about going on that second trip was that I would have to go to some stupid nightclub.

The Empty Club
The Empty Club

I don’t think I can adequately express how much I despise the nightclub experience. The music is bad. The people are bad. The drinks are overpriced and bad, and you need a lot of them to forget about how bad everything else is… And frankly, I am long past the stage where forgetting about anything is fun. My motto is: if it’s not worth doing when I’m sober, it’s not worth doing at all.

And no matter how much anyone talked up the Vegas club experience, there was nothing that could convince me it would end up any differently than anywhere else; with me standing on the sidelines bored, and being disgusted by all the trashy people around me.

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Well, thankfully, this is the only club I came anywhere close to on either of my two trips. It’s photogenic, it’s empty of people, and you can’t go inside.

It’s my kinda club.