Trump Tower Las Vegas 2

By Jonathan Timar
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I try to give my photos original names. I don’t try that hard, but I try.

As I mentioned on my last post, posting photos of this building lost me followers on Instagram, which just seems ridiculous to me. Are people really so wrapped up in politics all day every day that they can’t appreciate a photo of a building for what it is: a photo of a BUILDING!

It’s just sad.

Trump Tower Las Vegas 2
Trump Tower Las Vegas 2

Anyway, the sun and the clouds were being very cooperative at this particular moment. Sadly, converting this photo to the web-safe sRGB colour gamut caused the brilliant cyan blue of the sky to end up much more dull. So if you want to see it the way it is supposed to look, you’ll need to buy a print. You do want a print of the Trump Tower, don’t you?…

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