Perfect Camping Spot Revisited

By Jonathan Timar
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I am a geek. I love my technology, if it has batteries and a screen there’s a good chance I love it. Of course when you go camping you have to leave that all behind (or at least keep it turned off most of the time). And that’s a very good thing because we all need a break from that once in a while.

You might guess I am not a natural when it comes to camping, and you’d be right. It’s something I have to force myself to do, but every time I do I am glad I did.

Perfect Camping Spot Alternate
Perfect Camping Spot Alternate

I much prefer backpacking to “regular” campground camping. It’s harder for sure, having to carry everything in on your back for several kilometres. You have to make sacrifices; less padding, smaller tent. You can’t practically carry any beer with you, so a few drinks around the campfire isn’t going to happen, you drink the lukewarm water you pack in or you go thirsty. Campfires usually aren’t allowed anyway. The bugs are generally a lot worse.

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    But the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks. The campsites are serene and beautiful and a part of nature, not gravel pads three feet apart from each other. There are no loud children, no people with RVs and generators who have packed up their household to visit a campground and do exactly what they do at home except with lousy food and more insects.

    And the photographic opportunities can’t be beat.