Zurich Scene

By Jonathan Timar
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The first part of our European adventure was the quiet part, just me and my wife. We spent most of our time in Switzerland just wandering aimlessly around the streets of Zurich until we ran into something interesting.

I brought my smallest camera bag on this trip, and I was glad I did given how much time we spent moving from place to place with backpacks on.

I still managed to bring almost all my lenses, but the trade off was that it was a lot harder to grab my camera from the bag in a hurry.

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Zurich Scene
Zurich Scene

Generally that wasn’t a problem, but I did miss a shot or two. Moments before I took this one there had been another man on the bench, dressed eccentrically, blowing huge clouds of smoke into the air around him. Would it have been a better photo?

I’ll never know.