Going On A Vision Quest to Find Your Purpose In Life: Part II

By Jonathan Timar
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If you really do not know what you want in life, then maybe it’s time to take a break from you life entirely. When you are trapped in your day-to-day, it is  often difficult or even impossible to achieve the clarity necessary to discover your purpose in life, let alone find the right experiences that might lead to that discovery.

In some Native American cultures, a vision quest was a ritualized rite of passage. It was usually undertaken in the early teenage years and involved a solitary trip into the wilderness usually lasting a few days. The purpose was to become clear of all the distractions of society, and open the mind to receive a vision which would guide the seeker toward their true purpose.

Now, if a trip into the woods on your own appeals to you, then maybe you can stop reading right now. Grab some matches and a sleeping bag and start questing.

On the other hand if your outdoor survival skills leave something to be desired, read on.

In the modern world, a vision quest can take many forms. If organized group activities are your thing, you might choose to visit a retreat. One such place is Hollyhock on Cortes Island, British Columbia. Hollyhock offers seminars on the spiritual and the practical, at an idyllic island resort.

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    If you are more solitary in your question, why not stock up on inspirational books from your local library and  book yourself into a quiet little resort somewhere near a beach or a lake in the mountains? During the day, find yourself a little spot in the sun (or the shade) and read away the hours. At night, settle down by the fireplace, light some incense, and meditate.

    Travel somewhere exotic, and go by yourself. Use the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet new people. Make it a long trip, give yourself time to suck in every last drop, and make it a priority to experience life as much as possible during this time. Check out Road Junky.

    Join a volunteer program abroad. Learn about yourself by helping other people. Who know, you could discover your passion in the process! You could be doing anything from working in an orphanage in Nepal to hunting for caterpillars in Costa Rica.

    Load up your bicycle and ride across the country. It doesn’t matter how big or small your country  is, if it has roads, you can cycle it. You will not only give yourself plenty of time to think and reflect and dream while the wind is blowing over your face, you’ll be drastically improving your health and physical appearance. You can even take your dog with you! For inspiration visit Crazy Guy on a Bike.

    The possibilities for a life changing vision quest are endless!