Tim Horton’s In Times Square

By Jonathan Timar
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One thing you get used to as a Canadian is that most of your cultural institutions are American. It’s just the natural result of being a country with a relatively small population right next door to a country with a very big one. So we have McDonald’s but they serve poutine!

Tim Horton's In Times Square
Tim Horton’s In Times Square

So it’s a kind of tragic novelty to see a Canadian (overrated) cultural icon in the U.S.A.. Like this Tim Horton’s in Time Square, New York City.

Of course there are other Canadian things in New York (and elsewhere in the U.S.) Like banks. Canadian banks are everywhere, with all Canadian references cleverly removed to that Americans won’t know they are Canadian. TD Bank? That’s Toronto Dominion Bank. BMO? That’d be Bank of Montreal.

Now you know.

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