Radio Spec Commercials

By Jonathan Timar
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One of my favourite disciplines during my time in radio broadcasting school was creating commercials.

I had a knack for copy-writing, and was usually able to turn out a decent commercial within a very short period of time.

I have decided to share a few of the commercials I created while attending Columbia Academy. I wrote, produced, and (with others) voiced all of these during 2006. Looking back, I’m still very satisfied with the writing, but the voice acting is pretty hit and miss! ;-)

These are spec commercials only, and are not intended to endorse of advertise the products/companies represented. They are parody.

Fat Burger

The following is a three-part series of commercials advertising Fat Burger. They feature and unnamed Scottish character sharing the virtues of Fat Burger. I did all the voice-work for this one.

Fat Burger 1:

Fat Burger 2:

Fat Burger 3:

Snakes on a Plane 2

This was done just for fun, and as such it is not as polished as I would have liked it to be. I did most of the voices myself as I had no other help available, which was not ideal.

It’s a trailer for a fictional sequel the horrible movies, Snakes on a Plane.

Snakes On A Plane Trailer:

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    Office Space 2

    Another movie trailer for a fictional sequel. This  one was also primarily voiced by myself, with some help from Joel Schroeder.

    This fictional sequel was inspired by real life events. Ask Russell James.

    Office Space 2 Trailer:

    Soggy Doggy Pet Grooming

    An idea that I thought was perfect genius, these are a pair of ads for a pet grooming salon known as Soggy Doggy Pet Grooming. Double entendres abound here. Thanks to Ann Luu and Tanya for lending their voices.

    Soggy Doggy 1:

    Soggy Doggy 2:

    Panago Pizza

    There was a Panago Pizza across the street from my school which was a frequent stop for me in that era, hence the following commercial voiced by yours truly.

    Panago Commercial:

    Preparation H

    I think this one might actually be my favourite. The writing credit is 100% mine, but I enlisted the help of my classmate, Eric Fortin, for the awesome voice acting.

    Preparation H Commercial: