Radio Spec Commercials

By Jonathan Timar
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One of my favourite disciplines during my time in radio broadcasting school was creating commercials.

I had a knack for copy-writing, and was usually able to turn out a decent commercial within a very short period of time.

I have decided to share a few of the commercials I created while attending Columbia Academy. I wrote, produced, and (with others) voiced all of these during 2006. Looking back, I’m still very satisfied with the writing, but the voice acting is pretty hit and miss! ;-)

These are spec commercials only, and are not intended to endorse of advertise the products/companies represented. They are parody.

Fat Burger

The following is a three-part series of commercials advertising Fat Burger. They feature and unnamed Scottish character sharing the virtues of Fat Burger. I did all the voice-work for this one.

Fat Burger 1:

Fat Burger 2:

Fat Burger 3:

Snakes on a Plane 2

This was done just for fun, and as such it is not as polished as I would have liked it to be. I did most of the voices myself as I had no other help available, which was not ideal.

It’s a trailer for a fictional sequel the horrible movies, Snakes on a Plane.

Snakes On A Plane Trailer:

Office Space 2

Another movie trailer for a fictional sequel. This  one was also primarily voiced by myself, with some help from Joel Schroeder.

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This fictional sequel was inspired by real life events. Ask Russell James.

Office Space 2 Trailer:

Soggy Doggy Pet Grooming

An idea that I thought was perfect genius, these are a pair of ads for a pet grooming salon known as Soggy Doggy Pet Grooming. Double entendres abound here. Thanks to Ann Luu and Tanya for lending their voices.

Soggy Doggy 1:

Soggy Doggy 2:

Panago Pizza

There was a Panago Pizza across the street from my school which was a frequent stop for me in that era, hence the following commercial voiced by yours truly.

Panago Commercial:

Spence Diamonds

There is a jewellery store in the Vancouver area called Spence Diamonds that has famously horrible commercials. This was my parody of one of those commercials, featuring my best attempt at imitating the real voice.

Spence Diamonds Commercial:

Preparation H

I think this one might actually be my favourite. The writing credit is 100% mine, but I enlisted the help of my classmate, Eric Fortin, for the awesome voice acting.

Preparation H Commercial: