The Limelight Theme Released to the Public

By Jonathan Timar
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UPDATE: This post is old. This theme is old. Many things have changed in WordPress that have most likely broken some things in the theme. I would not suggest using this theme on a live site (it’s dated and ugly by today’s standards anyway). With that being said it is a very simple theme with an easily understandable structure compared to the way modern themes are built today. If you’re looking for a base to build on this may still be useful to you.

Way back when I originally decided to start my blog using WordPress, I was dismayed at the lack of availability of “clean and simple” themes that I could use as a starting point for developing my own.

The themes that were available, whether free or otherwise, all suffered from a lack of standards compliance, and bloat. Very few were suitable for someone who wanted full control.

So I ended up building the Limelight Theme from scratch. I built it to be as simple as possible, with clear, easy to modify code that would validate to standards. It is SEO optimized as well. It makes smart use of transparent images, and the entire colour scheme of the theme can be changed by replacing a single image, and replacing two more will complete the customization.

Over time it evolved to include support for eShop, an incredibly awesome shopping cart for WordPress which integrated with this website.

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    But recently the time came for me to update the look of The Limelight, and take advantage of some of the new features available in modern web browsers like IE9 and Firefox 4.0. Thus the original Limelight theme has been retired, and the New Limelight theme has been born.

    To celebrate I am releasing the original theme to the world for free. You may download it by clicking the link below.

    Download ‘Limelight Free’ WordPress theme

    The theme comes as is. Support is not part of the deal, though it may be offered if I have some time to spare and you are nice, but please don’t except it. I do intend to update it as time allows to make it more “newbie” friendly, hopefully without sacrificing too much of the lightweight and simple design philosophy behind it.

    One thing that I’d really appreciate is that if you use this theme on your site, you leave the link in the footer. Delete the image if you want, but please leave the link. It’s not a requirement, but it would be a courtesy. Also, please let me know where you are using it so I can see! Just leave a comment on this post with your link. :)