Stormy Mood at Kentucky Lake

By Jonathan Timar
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One thing that I loved about Hawaii when I visited a couple of years back was the way the weather could change in an instant. One second I could be enjoying the hot tropical sun, and the next I might be caught in a downpour. A beautiful, cool, refreshing downpour.

This year’s vacation was a lot more modest, not big trip to Hawaii, just a few quiet days relaxing at Kentucky Lake, which is near Merritt, B.C. and not too far from home. The forecast called for hot and sunny all week, which it was. What wasn’t expected were the nearly daily rainstorms (and thunder) that came in between. It was like Hawaii came to us. ;-)

Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, B.C.

Stormy Mood at Kentucky Lake
Stormy Mood at Kentucky Lake

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