Taco Time at the California Brewery

By Jonathan Timar
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Think what you want, but one of the first things Rachelle and I do when we get to a new town is see if they have a brewery that sound like it’s worth checking out. Hey! It’s our only real vice, apart from maybe procrastination.

With our travels leading us primarily through the United States this year, we ended up trying a lot of American microbreweries and, naturally, we couldn’t help but compare them to the ones we have at home.

Taco Time at the California Brewery
Taco Time at the California Brewery

Sorry my American friends, but we Canadians have long felt smugly superior about our beer, and it still holds true for microbreweries. You Americans may have been doing micro brew thing longer, but I think we Canadian just do it better. Don’t hate me, but in general, I have found that Canadian microbreweries have better atmosphere and better beer…


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