A Mouldy and Sculler Motel

By Jonathan Timar
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During our cross-Canada trip, Rachelle was adamant that we had to stay at least one night at a Scully and Mulder motel (or, as I prefer, a Sculler and Mouldy motel). If you aren’t sure how that’s defined, you obviously never watched The X-Files.

Personally, I was a lot less enthusiastic about the idea, but I couldn’t disappoint my wife, now could I?

A Mouldy and Sculler Motel
A Mouldy and Sculler Motel

This motel in northern Ontario is actually hidden in behind another larger motel that was built much later making this one all by invisible from the road (how rude).

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It was absolutely surreal walking into this place, with the ancient furniture from the 70s. And the stench of decades of stale cigarette smoke (even though the rooms are non-smoking now) really sets the mood.

The truth is it wasn’t that bad. It was clean, and the old lady who runs it was very nice.