Vancouver Evening

By Jonathan Timar
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I have been to nearly every part of this country except the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland.

Montreal is beautiful. Quebec City is stunning with its old world architecture. Toronto… Well, it’s okay I guess.

But Vancouver, it’s cliche, you really can ski in the morning and head to the beach in the afternoon. I don’t think anyone ever actually does that but it is, at least in theory, possible.

Vancouver Evening
Vancouver Evening

And the food! You can get every cuisine imaginable in Vancouver, and not just some pale imitation, you can get top quality, obscenely delicious food. And it’s cheap, because the competition is fierce and Vancouverites don’t have any money.

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    It’s a been crazy to think that this city has the highest cost of living in the country, the most obscene gas prices prices in North America, rents that are fast approaching Manhattan level insanity, and one of the LOWEST median incomes in the nation.

    Clearly, Vancouver is not owned by Vancouverites anymore. Which is why it’s losing its soul. Why it feels like a a hollowed out shell. Unfriendly, cold, an out on control homeless population, a subtle (and sometimes not subtle) scent of urine everywhere you go downtown, and a frustrated population that road-rages their way to and from work for three hours every day.

    Yes, it is really sad what’s happened to Vancouver, and it probably can never be fixed.

    But it’s a great place to go out to eat.