Out Back – Las Vegas, Nevada

By Jonathan Timar
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Let me tell you what really sucks about this shot: it could have been great.

While my wife went to the bathroom in some mall in Vegas, I stepped out the back door into a cloud of disgusting cigarette smoke. I would have gone straight back inside, but I thought this scene was interesting, and I could tell it was about to get colourful. So I waited for the sky to get saturated.

Out Back
Out Back

Then, when it was about time, my wife came up behind me. I turned around for a split second and just as I turned back, a plane flew right through the middle of the frame and I stood there helplessly knowing I had missed it.

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    It would have been an awesome photo, so I stood there for a while longer with my finger in the shutter hoping I’d get lucky and another would fly into my frame. But it was not to be.

    So this photo is merely okay.