Creepy Sandon

By Jonathan Timar

My girlfriend and I recently took a road trip to celebrate our anniversary, and one of the towns we passed through isn’t even a town at all anymore. It’s a small ghost town in south-eastern BC that apparently was once one of the largest and most prosperous towns around during the silver rush days. It was the first town in BC to have electricity in every building and, among other interesting statistics, once featured about 50 brothels.

Creepy Sandon
Creepy Sandon

You would never know it today, most of the buildings are gone, and those that do remain are for the most part very run down and creepy, it’s a very surreal place. I kept thinking it would make a perfect location for shooting a horror film.

Amazingly, people still live in this town, and its tiny hydro-electric facility is still in operation!

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