Stuck at Home Photos with a New, Cheap Lens

By Jonathan Timar
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So this is day who-the-heck-knows of being stuck at home during this bizarre and uncertain time. I’d almost forgotten that I’d ordered a small gift for myself on eBay before this all started: a cheap and rather (in)famous CCTV lens and adapter.

Usually they are branded “Fujian”, but mine is not branded at all and came in a plastic bag. I chose the 25mm f1.4, considered the worst of a trio of these that are popular, because it has the widest aperture and the swirliest bokeh. I wanted the worst one, because to me that’s the best one, since I already have plenty of sharp, high-quality lenses.

For $20 bucks, this thing is pretty great. It’s severely optically flawed, which is exactly what I wanted. It inspired me to wander around the house and take the kind of pictures I probably would not otherwise have thought to take.

BTW, wash your hands.

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