Canadian Tire Money – Dominican Republic

By Jonathan Timar

One of the most interesting encounters I had in the Dominican Republic was with this Gentleman. He was a “hustler” for one of the shops at the marketplace I visited, and he had a rather interesting offer; after determining that i was Canadian, he expressed his love for Canada, and asked me if I had any Canadian Tire money.

For those outside of Canada; Canadian Tire money is a cash back loyalty reward that you get when you shop in Canadian Tire stores, which are large housewares focussed department stores that sell a lot more than tires. It take the form of paper bills, and it looks like, and is worth just slightly more than Monopoly money, and, of course, can be spent only at Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire Money
Canadian Tire Money

Anyway, I told him that I did not have any of it. He told me that was too bad because if I did, I could buy something from his store with it.

I thought he was putting me on as we Canadians certainly don’t carry it around with us, and even those among us that do collect it are pretty unlikely to take it on vacation with us, but he proved me wrong my opening his wallet and showing me the most enormous wad of Canadian Tire money I have ever seen. He told me that when he visits Canada he plans to buy something from Canadian Tire with it.

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