Anne’s Room at Green Gables

By Jonathan Timar
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My wife has been watching CBC’s new awful and cynical Anne of Green Gables series, which reminded me that just a few months ago we were actually at Green Gables.

The Green Gables house is located inside Prince Edward Island National Park, and last year our man-child Prime Minister decided to make all National Parks temporarily free (thanks, but could you just balance the budget and not tax the living crap out of me instead?).

Anne's Room at Green Gables
Anne’s Room at Green Gables

Now any person with a brain (so not Trudeau), might have imagined the chaos this might create, with parks filled far beyond capacity. And sure enough, neither Banff nor PEI National Park were particularly enjoyable that year.

While I was attempting to take this photo I actually had people pushing and shoving and being very rude indeed. I had to rush, and it’s not quite the framing I would have liked. But I don’t mind it…

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