Escaping the Iron Curtain

By Jonathan Timar

This is a very cool art installation located near Prague Castle representing the Berlin Wall and citizen prisoners’ attempts to escape the brutality of their communist oppressors.

It’s especially relevant today when a shocking and alarming one in two millennials thinks communism is a fine idea for humanity (“real” communism has never been tried, dontcha know).

Escaping the Iron Curtain
Escaping the Iron Curtain

All around this area was an photography exhibition commemorating the fall of communism in Europe. It should be required viewing for all young people.

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    One particularly chilling photo depicted rows of dead bodies with multiples lines of sutures resulting from their organs being harvested.

    Listen up kiddies: income inequality is a real problem. CEOs are obscenely overpaid. Average citizens are indeed being robbed and abused by the super rich.

    But if you think that destroying capitalism and ushering in a new communist era is the answer to these problems, your level of ignorance and stupidity is just plain dangerous.

    And I would kindly suggest that you “educate yourself”.

    Sorry if this wasn’t nice.