Canada Day Special: Why Canada Is A Successful Nation

By Jonathan Timar

Today is Canada day, and I  am a proud Canadian. I recognize how lucky I am to have been born into such a prosperous and just nation. I am overwhelmed with pride when I think about the opportunities provided to be simply by virtue of the country I was born in.

While Canada is an open country, welcoming immigrants from all over the world who seek a better life, I have never had to struggle for that better life. I was born into a country that despite having a population of only 33,000,000 people is the world’s 9th largest economy. The world’s tenth largest, Brazil, has almost six times as many citizens. Canadian governments have been producing surplus budgets and paying down debt for a solid decade which will ensure an even more prosperous future for the next generation.

No Canadian ever has to fear that getting sick will ruin them financially, They know their health will be taken care of regardless of  income, and their fate will never be decided at the whim of an insurance company.

Every man, woman and child that was born here, and  every immigrant who becomes Canadian, has the right to be whatever they want to be, the right to live wherever they want to live, the right to travel wherever they want to travel, and the right to own whatever they want to own.

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    Canadians are allowed to be loyal to their country, but not to the government if they disagree with its policies. They are allowed to speak their minds without fear of reprisals ranging from jail to public ridicule in the media.

    Canada’s culture is as diverse as its people, and differences are celebrated rather than discriminated against. From sea to sea, every part of Canada is gloriously different, and yet uniquely Canadian. The people of British Columbia are distinctly different from the people of Prince Edward Island, but all share the same core values that make Canada what it is.

    Canada takes a stand on the world stage, and strives to always do what is right and act for the good of the world, and not just in its own interests.  Canadian General Romeo Dallaire stood alone in Rwanda as the worst genocide in recent history was carried out, and the U.N. and other countries stood by a refused to help. Canada took a firm stand against the disastrous war in Iraq, but continues to play a leading role in maintain stability in Afghanistan.

    If you live in a nation like Canada that provides freedom and opportunity to all of its citizens, are you taking advantage of it? Are you living creatively and appreciating all of the gifts bestowed upon you? Are you living in The Limelight?