Are You Waiting For A New World In The Morning?

By Jonathan Timar
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I would like to draw your attention to some lyrics from a song by the singer Roger Whittaker that are very poignant:

“Everybody talks about a new world in the morning. A new world in the morning so they say.

I, myself don’t talk about a new world in the morning. A new world in the morning, that’s today.

And I can feel a new tomorrow coming’ on. And I don’t know why I have to make a song. Everybody talks a bout a new world in the morning. New world in the morning takes so long.

I met a man who had a dream he had since he was twenty. I met that man when he was eighty-one. He said too many people just stand and wait up till the morning, don’t they know tomorrow never comes.

Roger Whittaker, from his song, “New World In The Morning”.

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    I would love to share the actual song with you, but since doing so would not be legal I can only encourage you to find it yourself because it is a beautiful song with a very important message.

    If you keep putting off doing what you love until tomorrow, you will never do what you love.

    If you truly desire to pursue your passions and your dreams, you must start today. You cannot wait until the conditions are perfect because we live in an imperfect world and there never will be a perfect time.

    Procrastination is your biggest enemy. How many times have you put something off only to put it off again the next day, and the next week, and the next month until finally you forget about it altogether? Have you heard yourself saying or thinking things like, “I’ll do it when I have more money/when the weather is better/when the kids leave home”? You might as well be saying that you’ll do it when pigs fly. If you cannot force yourself to take one small step, then you will be forever stuck.

    If you place all your faith in a new tomorrow, you are placing your faith in something dangerously uncertain. To say that you could die tomorrow would be awfully cliché, but nevertheless true. Do you really want to be one of those people who in their final days laments everything they wish they’d done? In twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty years or more you are going to regret the things you didn’t do far more than anything you did do.

    Don’t sit around waiting for something big to happen, start taking small steps today and before you know it those small steps will lead to big steps.