A Wake Up Call?

By Jonathan Timar
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Recently I was rear ended. It was quite severe, as far as rear-ender car accidents go. Bad enough that my car will likely be written off. Bad enough that I could not drive it from the scene of the accident. And bad enough that they did send an ambulance to take me to the hospital and check me for head and neck injuries. Jury is still out on those, but the doctor did want to prescribe me some extremely powerful pain killers, which I refused.

The other driver stopped, and we did exchange information, but he is from out of the country which means that there will likely be some long delays in getting the insurance claims squared away. In the meantime, I will be without a car.

I have been without a car before. I didn’t mind it. I was healthier, I was thinner, and I was safer. I have no particular attachment to vehicles, and consider them more of a necessary evil than anything else. I am not upset about being without a car.

Do you believe in signs?

Some time ago I became involved in a business relationship that has not turned out as expected. There is nothing wrong with the business in question. It is a good idea with some fantastic people behind it, people who I really respect.

But I envisioned it as a side project. The other people involved apparently did not. As a result it has taken up a significantly greater portion of my time than I expected. I have also had to do a lot more driving than I am comfortable with. I really don’t like driving at all, at least not in traffic. Finally I have found the project dramatically more boring than I thought it would be.

So why is it a wake up call?

If I am honest with myself, I have been looking for an excuse to leave this project behind for several weeks now. But I have not done much about it, primarily because my nature is to try to please others and I have not wanted to let them down.

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    This is of course goes against everything I believe in. I know better than to let the opinions of others dictate my life, and yet I have done just that. I am not perfect, after all.

    So is it possible that this car accident was exactly what I asked for?

    That may sound like a morbid thought, but I think it is a question worthy of exploration. After all, as a result of this accident I am now unable to commute into the city, and I have plenty of time to reflect on the situation and to take the actions necessary to correct it that I have thus far been avoiding.

    Nobody wants a car accident. It’s a traumatizing event at the very least. However, I do believe that when we deviate from our path, and stop being true to ourselves, we often are confronted by forces that slap us upside the head and force us back on track.

    I think this may be one of those times. I just wish my neck wasn’t so sore.