A Face Only a Mother Could Love

By Jonathan Timar
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A Face Only a Mother Could Love
A Face Only a Mother Could Love

I think it was at least five years ago when Rachelle first came across Class B Mortorhomes. It’s something we didn’t even know existed until that point. We pictured camper vans as broken down, smelly things with strange old men inside. And that’s all true.

But the one’s Rachelle found were made by Airstream and they were like private jets inside. We were intrigued, but quickly dismissed the idea of owning one after seeing the prices.

Years later, after I’d had a car accident, a bout with cancer, a few cross continental roadtrips in our tiny hatchback, our outlook on life had changed considerably. We somehow found ourselves on the RV lot signing papers.

And we lived our dream happily ever after, then end.

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    Actually, we didn’t. We had a tonne of problems with our van from the get go. It was stressful. And then the company that did the RV conversion, that had been around for decades and was the market leader, went bankrupt about a year into our six year warranty. So much for that!

    But… It was worth it. And as I snapped this photo from a Portland brewery last summer on the first leg of our journey through the western United States, I was thinking:

    How cool is it that were sitting here in a foreign city, yet thirty feet away from our home, with our king size bed, kitchen, shower, toilet, and our pet family waiting for us, and it all fits in a regular parking space?

    Petty damn cool. But that van really does have a face that only a mother could love.