Fun With Photoshop

By Jonathan Timar
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As the years have gone by I have become more and more ruthless when it comes to purging my photos. Storage may be cheap, but I don’t like wasting it.

With that in mind, it has become my standard procedure to immediately review all photos once they are copied to my computer and delete any that I can’t see myself ever sharing or printing, or that are otherwise lesser takes on the same subject.

I do make exception for photos of loved ones (human and non-human), which I can never bring myself to delete.

But it was not always this way, so once in a while I dig through my older photos and eliminate duplicates, anything that’s not in perfect focus, etc.

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    And I was in the middle of that when I came across these two photos of my wife that I took on a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium several years back.

    Knowing that it was too dark in the room to take her portrait without flash, but also knowing that the flash would ruin the backdrop of the jellyfish floating around behind plexiglass, I had the foresight to take two shots and somehow pulled it off without Rachelle or my camera moving between frames! Great!

    But either I got distracted by other things or I just didn’t have the Photoshop skills back then, so I never did anything with them.

    So when I came across them this evening I thought I’d have a little fun, and I don’t think the end result is half bad for a couple of quick snaps and using the camera’s built in flash.

    Rachelle at the Aquarium Composite
    Rachelle at the Aquarium Composite