Making A Dream Board: Remind Yourself Everyday Of The Life You Are Creating

By Jonathan Timar

One of the most important keys to manifesting your desires is to stay focused on them. In our day-to-day lives in it extremely easy to get caught up in our present routines, that our thoughts are consumed by them.

If you understand the law of attraction, you know that that which we focus our energy (our thoughts on) is what we attract into our life. Therefore if our aim is to manifest something different and better than what we currently have, we must be careful not to dedicate to many of out thoughts to what we currently have (and presumably wish to change) and instead place our focus on the life we truly desire, so that our thoughts can drive us toward that life.

An excellent tool to help maintain this focus is a dream board. A dream board is like a scrap-book, but it’s all on one big piece of paper, so you can see everything at once. What you do is find pictures, or words that illustrate the things you desire in your life, and mount them all to the dream board in a collage. When it’s done the dream board is placed in a conspicuous location on your home, where you will see it every day. Ideally, you should even dedicate time specifically to viewing your dream board. One easy way to accomplish this is to mount it to the ceiling above your bed, or on the wall opposite you bathroom mirror so that you see it while brushing your teeth every morning. It may sound cheesy, but it really helps to keep your mind clear and focused on your goals.

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    Your dream board can be made of anything, it might be as simple as a piece of poster board with magazine clippings, but if you’re artistic enough you might choose to paint you dream board onto a canvas, or of you use your computer every day you might choose to create a digital dream board and set it as your desktop wallpaper. The choice is up to you.

    You can have anything you want on your dream board. You can have pictures that represent places you want to go, people who inspire you, things you want to own, projects you want to complete, or any goal you wish to accomplish. If you want to become healthier and more fit, you might have a picture of an athlete on your dream board, if you want to live in a Hawaii photos of sandy beaches wouldn’t hurt. Have fun with it.

    A dream board is an excellent and simple way to help you live creatively in the limelight.