The Seven Differences Between You And a Future Millionaire

By Jonathan Timar
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Everyone has the potential to be rich. Unless you were born into poverty in the third world, and even sometimes then, you have the power to rise up beyond your beginnings and become something much greater. The difference between poor people and rich people is in their minds and how they think, not in their circumstances.

A poor guy sees his work as something he has to do to pay the bills. A millionaire thinks of his work as something he is achieving and wants to succeed at.

A poor guy will encounter obstacles and view them as warnings and give up. A millionaire will encounter obstacles in his path and view them as challenges to overcome.

A poor guy dreams of one day having a high paying job. A millionaire dreams of one day quitting his high paying job.

A poor guy views saving money as something that will deprive him of having the things that make life worth living. A millionaire understands that saving is essential to creating the wealth that allows you to truly live.

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    A poor guy will buy a lottery ticket hoping it will make him rich. A millionaire will buy investments knowing they will make him rich.

    A poor guy is resigned to fate. A millionaire creates his fate.

    Your life is not something you are born into, it is something you give birth to. You can waste it away waiting for someone to spoon-feed you mush, or you can take charge and eat steak. Jimmy Pattison was born into a middle class family in rural Saskatchewan, he’s now the 6th richest man in Canada and owns businesses all over the world including the Guinness Book of World Records!

    He had no greater advantage than you do.