Poor People Suck At Living Like Rich People And Here’s Why

By Jonathan Timar

This evening I was surfing around and came upon a blog known as The A-hole Blog. I must admit despite not being in total agreement with the guy, his blog is living up the name. But the beauty of it is that even though he really is a real asshole, his writing is so gloriously politically incorrect and irreverent that agreeing with the guy is not a pre-requisite for enjoying what he has to say.

The post that caught my attention was a rant about poor people. The author of The A-hole Blog contends that poor people do everything backwards. That is to say while the non-poor establish a career, find a mate, and then have kids, poor people get knocked up and then struggle for the rest of their lives trying to survive on minimum wage. He’s right of course.

But why is this the case? It has everything to do with social conditioning. Our school systems do not teach people how to be successful, they teach people how to be drones. If people are raised in wealthy families they are lucky enough to learn at home how to put themselves on top, and to aspire to be the boss rather than the bossed.

If our schools taught important life skills, like financial planning, investing, and encouraged our kids to be entrepreneurs rather than brainless worker bees, we might see a shift in society and a re-narrowing of the ever-growing gap between rich and poor.

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